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Are you or your child struggling with chronic health challenges?

Has your child been diagnosed with autism?

Is your child struggling in school?

Is anxiety crippling your child or yourself?

Have you seen specialist after specialist with no results?

Do you or a loved one suffer from depression?

Are you struggling with constant low energy?

Does it feel like the stress is just too much to handle?

Are you worried about your child’s future?

Our office specializes in helping people with chronic physical and mental health challenges get well and children suffering with neurodevelopmental challenges experience much better health, function and quality of life.

We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to you being our next success story!

We understand how difficult it is living with a chronic health condition or watching your child suffer with mental/emotional or neurodevelopmental challenges.

We also know how hard it is to raise a child with these special needs.

Our founding doctor’s own child has faced intense chronic health and neurodevelopmental issues so we get it.

We know you’re exhausted, frustrated, sad and fearful of what the future holds and would like for someone to understand and help guide you and your family to a better quality of life.

This is where we step in.

We know that you have what it takes to overcome these challenges and are here to guide you through that process.

Quite simply… We understand and we care.

The Center for Health & Human Potential Helps Children and Adults with Chronic Health Challenges 



Chronic Fatigue

Digestive Issues






Ear Infections




Autoimmune Issues





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If you or a loved one is suffering with a neurodevelopmental disorder, mental health challenges or chronic health condition, you need to hear the Center for Health and Human Potential’s unique approach to health.

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What makes the Center for Health and Human Potential so different?

The Center for Health and Human Potential offers a completely unique healthcare service and experience that you’ve likely never encountered. The nervous system controls every function of our health, bodies and lives yet it is the most neglected and overlooked system in healthcare.

  • Best Decision I Ever Made

    I went to Dr. Steve's Unravelling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders seminar. I learned how the vertebral subluxation could impact a person's life which gave me the thought of taking my son for a check up to see if the fall from a second story 10 years ago when he was two was impacting his life or not.

    Sure enough, it was a best decision I ever made.

    Hanna Hong
  • Great with Families with all Needs!

    Dr. Steve is so great with families with all needs! So happy to be working closely with him and his team!

    Katie Booth
  • Improvement in his Resiliency, Flexibility and Overall Wellbeing

    My 10 year old, autistic son has been seeing Dr. Tullius since the second week of August, we have seen improvement in his resiliency, flexibility and overall wellbeing. He is sleeping better and is much calmer.

    Although he experienced some very serious stressful events these past 6 weeks, his chiropractic care has allowed him to recover more quickly than expected. He was just re-scanned yesterday and he is no longer in constant fight or flight mode. Yay! My son loves going to get his adjustments. Dr. Tullius is professional, patient and caring.

    Yvette Soto
  • Improved Speech

    We just began taking our son and we are very happy. Dr. Steve is very professional, he definitely knows what he is doing and is very knowledgable. Our son has already showed improvement in his speech with chiropractic care. Highly recommended.

    Yolonda Bitticks
  • Improvement in Anxiety, Depression and OCD

    When my mom first told me about Dr. Steve, I was REALLY skeptical of all the potential benefits, but I gave it a shot. I've suffered from anxiety, depression, OCD, and insomnia since I was eight years old.

    Since starting care I've experienced a great deal of improvement in my motivation, my tolerance in social situations, my OCD symptoms, and my overall mood. I've started feeling like myself again. I'm so glad that I was willing to try this because it's helped me more efficiently (and without negative side effects) than any medical intervention has.

    Natalie Humprey
  • Improvement in All Areas of Life

    We've seen a lot of improvement in his speech and his vocabulary has grown vastly. I'm able to have more conversations with him. He has more control over his body and we're seeing so much improvement in all areas of his life.

    Cynthia Presnell
  • Given Her Life Back

    In only 4 visits for my daughter, they have given her life back to her. Relieving her completely from debilitating depression for over 10 yrs, anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks that at times kept her from going out.

    It is truly a miracle. She is playing music, painting, drawing. She told me tonight she can't ever remember being this happy in her life. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Steve. He may just have saved her life. She has been suicidal for years. She is just 19 yrs old. God bless you Steve for saving my daughter and me from the hell we've been in for so long.

    Penny Garrett
  • Increased Affection

    The increase in affection has been the greatest reward since our son started care. We are so grateful Dr. Steve.

    Tina Kirby
  • Seizure Free!

    We have seen so many changes in Liam since he’s been coming. He went from having up to 60 seizures a day to seizure free.

    Beth Higgins
  • Kindness, Respect & Patience

    Dr. Steve and his staff at the Center for Health and Human Potential have treated our daughter with special needs with total kindness, complete respect, and immeasurable patience.

    It has been one of the most comfortable experiences with healthcare, and we would recommend any parent to look into services at CHHP, whether to improve a specific condition or to seek out general health benefits from their approach to chiropractic care.

    Ritsuko Huth
  • Improvement with Seizures

    Although Dylan still has a long way to go, we have seen significant improvements with his seizures, medication dosages, and trunk control. I feel confident that we will see even more progress as he continues to see Dr. Steve!

    Laura McNamara
  • More Sociable and Happy

    My daughter has come out of her shell. She is more sociable on her own without being prompted to speak. It's a wonderful feeling to see her so happy where before I would have to encourage her to reply to people when spoken to. She is on the safety patrol at school and encourages students K-8 to follow rules. I can't believe she is telling 8th graders to follow rules!

    Norma Ayala
  • He's Started a New Life!

    Our child was having 70 or more seizures every day but now it's 5 seizures a week. His speech has improved, his skill for problem solving has increased, his communication with family and friends is much better.

    He is 6 years old now and his seizures stated when he was 2 and half. For us he has started new life since he started chiropractic care. He is a different person since he started chiropractic and he now loves school and homework.

    Betelhem Zemariam
  • Breathing Better

    Since the beginning of our care, Jonathan began to breath better, He has not use the inhaler for seven months, and he is not getting sick like he use to. I'm very grateful we found Dr. Steve. My son is very healthy and active and can enjoy playing baseball with no issues.

    Martha Alvarez
  • Freedom from OCD

    Nathan was not able to go to school because of his obsessive thinking and compulsions. He couldn't do many things that he used to enjoy, like riding a bike or going to karate classes. It was just heart breaking.

    After about a month's of chiropractic, I was able to leave him at school. Two months later he is enjoying school so much that he wants to go to school every day, in the evening, at night, and for breakfast! Parents of other kids at school noticed his change too, from a fearful and tearful child to a confident and happy kid who will run about and greet everyone. We love Dr. Steve and are very grateful for his help.

    Lili Teng
  • Better Sleep, Focus and Energy

    In general, my child, Max, is a healthy kid. I took him to Dr. Steve to check if the fall from ten years ago has impacted him. Since Max started the care I noticed he could sleep better at night. He told me he was able to focus more in the class. He always had a good energy every time after he has a chiropractic visit.

    Dr. Steve has so much compassion for his patients and their families. His gentleness, patience and expertise in his profession really sets him apart from others.

    Hannah Hong
  • Better Language, Awareness and More Happy

    Arianna always has a great temperament the day of her visits. She is more positive and talkative, especially on those days. Since starting chiropractic and removing her medications, we have noticed that her vocabulary is more extensive and she is using more sentence structure.

    Prior to her beginning care she would stutter and have a great amount of frustration to get her words out. She is happier overall, her eyes are brighter and seems as though she is more aware of the world around her. She is also engaging in more imaginative play.

    Anna Avila
  • Improved Posture, Sleep, Affection and Happier

    His posture is better and he seems more steady on his feet. He falls asleep easier and has more physical affection - hugs, kisses, smiles. He can express emotions better and seems happier. 

    Amanda Dahl
  • Improved Focus and More Sociable

    Nicolas has been more focused in his academics, as well as in athletics. He has also become more outspoken and socially more involved. Nicolas has improved tremendously in terms of his focus and his extracurricular activities.

    Teresa Malof

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What Does Your Initial Visit Look Like?

    Our office environment and culture is incredibly friendly, open, fresh, and vibrant. We’ve created it with kids in mind to help them feel safe and welcome, however we see generations of families in our practice. We know you’ll feel that you’ve made the right choice as soon as step through our door.


On Your First Visit We Have 3 Goals

Get to Know You

Get to Know You

First and foremost, we want to develop a relationship with you and understand who you are and what your goals and objectives are.

Get Testing

Get Testing

We’re going to perform comprehensive, safe and non-invasive neurological testing that will objectively show the functional status of your nervous system.

Get Clear

Get Clear

We’re going to throughly evaluate your spine, check for nervous system tension and gently make any adjustments necessary so we know exactly how to best help you get well.

Your first visit will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. At the end of that visit we will schedule your next appointment where we discuss…




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