What your doctor DIDN’T tell you about ear infections…

Ear Infections — A Drainage Issue

When you think about an ear infection, imagine a field with poor irrigation and a pool of stagnant water laying in the field. After a while, this pool of standing water will grow bacteria and attract mosquitoes, among other pests.

We could choose to:

1. Spray pesticides and herbicides on the water,

2. Install an expensive irrigation system to drain the water, or

3. Properly grade the field with a slope for NATURAL DRAINAGE of excess water.

Can we agree that Option #3 makes the most sense?

chiropractic care and ear infections

chiropractic care and ear infections

The anatomy and physiology of the Eustachian Tube and it’s surrounding structures create a very similar environment to this field scenario.

“The Tensor Veli Pallatini is the only muscle that is an active opener of the Eustachian Tubes – that aids in proper drainage of fluid. “

Chiropractic Care plays a vital role in naturally restoring proper drainage of fluid through the Eustachian Tubes. It does so by realigning the top bones in the neck to remove irritation off the nerves that control the muscles around the ear tubes.

If you, your children, or another loved one suffer from ear infections, chiropractic care might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Call 732-945-5033 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Pellegrino to see if you might be a candidate for the care we provide.



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